Writing for the Stage

Beginners – The First Draft Course

The Writing for the Stage Beginners course is a set of fortnightly sessions that will give you all the fundamental concepts to write the first draft of your play. This course is intended for all those that want to try their hand at writing moving, character driven stage plays, whatever the style or themes. No prior experience is needed to join these sessions, just enthusiasm and an open mind.

Sessions start at 9pm, and last between 90min and 2hrs.

Tuesday sessions are in person, held in the 5eme arrondisement central Paris.

Thursday sessions are online.

Your first session is FREE OF CHARGE, subsequent sessions cost 20e per session.

No long term commitment is obliged.

Script reading and feedback on your work in progress is included for regular participants.

For more information please send an email to antonbonnici@ofpottersdemons.com

Course Programme

#1 Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th September:

▪Introduction & Starting Points – the blank page

#2 Tuesday 21st & Thursday 30th September:

▪Building Blocks – a character with a problem in a place

#3 Thursday 7th & Tuesday 12th October:

▪Genres & Conventions – expectations, rules and risks

#4 Tuesday 19th & Thursday 28th October:

▪Showing & Telling – what we have to know and what we have to see

#5 Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 11th November:

▪Time on Stage – structure, acts & scenes

#6 Tuesday 16th & Thursday 25th November:

▪World on Stage – everything and the kitchen sink

#7 Tuesday 30th November & Thursday 9th December:

▪Fulfillment – character, climax and endings

#8 Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th December:

▪When am I done?? – drafting, rewriting, polishing & reading

(each session is held twice, once in person on a Tuesday and an online repetition on a Thursday)