Anton Bonnici is a Paris based director, teacher, playwright and dramaturg. Whilst remaining committed to ethical leadership, Anton prioritizes creative exploration in environments built on sharing and trust whether it is to teach ideas, coordinate projects or give support. With a strong interest in 20th century dramatic theory, having studied and lectured, amongst others, on Bertolt Brecht, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook, Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett, Bonnici brings a wealth of theory to all his endeavours and is always ready to meet new theatre practitioners for collaborations.

Not Dramaturgy

By coming to projects with an open mind and sense of curiosity, the dramaturgical approach being developed through Not Theatre is one of playful exploration without any preconceived end goals. When applied, Anton’s aim is to support theatre makers and performers in understanding their projects and intentions from novel angles outside the traditional frameworks to achieve truly subversive works of art.


Bonnici is available to provide dramaturgical support on script development, production, direction and company formation. He delivers one to one mentorship and group workshops on a variety of topics such but not limited to play writing, directing, adaptation, rehearsing and auditioning.

For more information on any of these services please send an email to antonbonnici@ofpottersdemons.com

Photo taken by @zoeandzo (Listen I’m dying – 2018 Paris)