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Not Theatre

This is not a performance.

This is not a production.

This is not a training programme.

This is not a theory.

This is Not Theatre.

Not Theatre is a communal process dedicated to the experiential redefinition of reading, writing, and thinking, theatre. Conceptualized as a response to the ubiquitous economic and technological forces constantly driving us to do, create, act, produce, share, and ultimately compete and sell more; Not Theatre is an opportunity to stop doing more theatre and simply read, write, and think, theatre.

Not Theatre is an opportunity to explore and experiment in the ambiguous liminal spaces of theatre always in between; between theory and practice, between performer and audience, between reading and writing, between thinking and acting, between theatre and everything else. In that space, between theatre and everything else, lies Not Theatre; that which isn’t immediately recognizable as theatre yet is still not everything else.

Not Theatre is an invitation for all those interested, invested or curious about theatre to come together to read and write and think, theatre; anyone and everyone, whether directing, writing for, performing in, or producing theatre; who enjoys seeing and going to the theatre; who is interested in the culture of theatre; theatre as art form and literature; theatre as social and political force; theatre in philosophy and theory.

Not Theatre requires an open mind and a readiness to question, doubt, scrutinize and ultimately also break everything that is theatre; conventions, assumptions, formulas, concepts, methods and any predetermined path followed for the traditional production of theatre. In Not Theatre, the very failure of theatre is a source of inspiration and a further stimulus for reading, writing, and thinking theatre.

Not Theatre is structured in cycles focusing on chosen texts, theatre theorists, playwrights, movements, concepts, methods, or productions. The chosen body of work is processed through a variety of activities, sessions and events that would generate the points of interest or stimulants for the following cycle. A Not Theatre cycle has no predetermined end goal. The cycle is a process for the sake of process. The participants in the cycle may take whatever they can from the experience to apply to their own end goals and their own processes or productions. But Not Theatre itself is only preoccupied by its own process and nothing else.

The limits of Not Theatre are the limits of its practitioners.

Photography by yara_moshka, insta @yara_moshka

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